What We Believe


There is only one true God, and He is revealed in three persons through what is commonly known as the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ

As God’s son, Jesus came to earth both fully human and fully divine. The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal son of God.

Holy Spirit

Just as in New Testament days, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit enables believers to be witnesses and effective servants.

The Bible



The scriptures were written through the inspiration of God. As truth without error, the Bible declares God’s design and plan for mankind.


Water baptism by immersion, which occurs after a person has repented of his sins and received the gift of salvation, is a symbolic declaration that a believer has died with Christ and has been raised from that death to live a new life in Christ.
Sin is separation from God. Although man was created in God’s image, man willingly fell to sin, which introduced evil and death – both physical and spiritual – into the world.


The church – both locally and globally – is a community of fellow believers that exists to equip the saints for works of service and to share the gospel message with every nation, tribe, people and language.

In the free gift of salvation, God offers every person the opportunity for restored fellowship with Him through accepting Christ’s offer of forgiveness for sin.

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